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Tape hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions are one of the newest hair extensions methods on the market in the UK. They are extremely popular in the US but for some reason over here in the UK we seem to be a bit fearful of them.

So, I'm here to explain exactly what they are and share my personal experience of them with you.

To give you a brief background I have personally tried almost every method of extensions available, including bonded extensions, micro rings, nano rings, L.A weave, micro weave, braided weave, temporary glue, clip in's and flip in's. Some of which I loved and some of which I absolutely hated.

When I first heard of tape in hair extensions, I was slightly dubious as I despise any method that involves glue but as it was soon to be a service I offer to my clients I knew I needed to try them myself.

The tapes are strips of hair I use are two inches wide and have one sticky tape side while the other side is smooth.

They are applied in rows to the natural hair. A thin two-inch section of your natural hair is parted off and sandwiched in-between two pieces of tape in hair. This process is continued until all the extensions have been applied.

As you can see the extensions lay totally flat to the scalp and believe it or not are incredibly secure (if applied correctly).

Tape in hair is perfect for all hair types but totally revolutionary for fine/thin hair types due to the fact they are so discreet and apply very little stress to the natural hair.