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Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

This is a question I get asked ALL the time, and with good reason. When making the decision to have hair extensions fitted this is most likely the first question in most people's minds.

We have all got a 'friend of a friend' who had extensions fitted ad now her natural hair is ruined, and she had to shave it all off and buy a wig! O.K so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but we have all heard horror stories of bad hair extensions and the damage that can truly be caused in some instances.

So how can extensions damage natural hair?

There are a few reasons why extensions can damage natural hair. The most common are listed below:-

  • Improper aftercare carried out by the client.

  • Maintenance appointments not followed.

  • Removal process provided by an untrained person.

  • Hair extensions fitted by an untrained or unexperienced technician.

Let's look at these issues in more detail:-

Improper aftercare -

Improper aftercare can cause damage to the natural hair. You should always be given aftercare advise when you are fitted with a new set of hair extensions. It is vital you read these tips to ensure you are taking the best care of your new hair possible. Should you not be supplied with any aftercare advice, you should research 'taking care of your hair extensions' online.

There are countless blogs, YouTube videos, and websites that list the do's and don'ts regarding hair extension aftercare.

If you fail to follow expert advice when caring for your hair extensions you may find your extensions don't last as long as expected, and when you come to have your extensions maintained or removed you may find your natural hair has been damaged.

Thank goodness this is completely avoidable by following expert aftercare guidance.

Maintenance appointments not followed -

During your consultation, fitting, or aftercare you should be given recommended maintenance intervals. These differ depending on what method you have had fitted but is usually after 6-8 weeks and never more than 3 months.

These maintenance appointments are VERY IMPORTANT and should never be missed. Not following maintenance advice is one of the main reasons hair extensions can damage natural hair.

As part of your maintenance appointment your hair extension technician will take a look at your natural hair and extension hair to ensure no damage has been done and that you're following the correct aftercare routine.

Incorrect removal -

I have seen many clients who have removed their hair extensions either by themselves or by a friend.

It may seem a quick and easy process when you see a professional do it but by doing it yourself you run the risk of causing damage to the natural hair. It is always advised to see a professional when having your extensions removed.

Incorrect fitting -

It is rare to have damage to the natural hair if you have your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional, however, it can happen.

The fitting of your hair extensions should always be carried out by a well-trained professional.

It's always a good idea to research possible hair extension technicians before choosing the right one for you. Try to choose someone with lots of client pictures and reviews.

If you feel your fitting hasn't been carried out well always contact your hair technician to explain your concerns, A good hair technician will always try to correct any issues you may have.

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