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Micro rings Vs Nano rings.

MICRO RING V's NANO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS One of the most common questions I am asked about hair extension methods is 'what is the difference between micro ring and nano ring hair extensions'?

For anyone wondering the same thing, I will attempt to answer the best I can.

Micro ring hair extensions were a revolution when they came onto the scene many years ago. The introduction of this cold fusion method meant no more heated glue bonds, or damage to the natural hair.

A micro ring is a small metal ring, usually lined with silicone (which protects the hair shaft).

This metal ring is applied to a small section of natural hair and an i-tip hair extension is inserted into the micro ring. The micro ring is then clamped shut which secures the I-tip extension to the natural hair.

The micro rings are applied to the natural hair in horizontal rows, until the desired look is achieved.

Micro rings are not advised for women with thin/fine hair. Fine hair will struggle to cover a micro ring but should be able to cover a nano ring.

Nano ring hair extensions are still relatively new and not always as known as micro ring extensions.

The installation of nano rings is almost the same as the micro ring installation. The tiny nano ring is applied to a small section of natural hair and a nano tipped hair extension is inserted into the nano ring and clamped shut.

Again, the extensions are applied in horizontal rows until the desired look has been achieved.

Both methods are removed and maintained in the same way. Maintenance of both methods involves removing each strand and re-fitting with a new bead.

Both methods are single strand methods so the extensions themselves will flow like natural hair. It is easy to put your hair up and the aftercare of both methods is the same.