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Hair extensions for short hair

How short is too short? what factors should I consider before taking the plunge? will my hair blend with the extensions? I get asked the above questions frequently so I thought I would explain the process of having extensions with short hair. Hair extensions can be applied on virtually any length hair as long as the extension has enough hair to grab onto. However, many hair extension technicians will ask for a minimum length of 2 inches underneath and 4 inches on top, this is to ensure there is enough hair to attach the hair extension onto and that there is enough hair to cover the bonds/weft. If the hair is any shorter than 4 inches on top, there is a strong chance the extensions will be visible,

and nobody wants that. Not all hair extension technicians will be comfortable working with short hair as the process of blending cab be very daunting and difficult. If you have short hair and are considering having hair extensions fitted it is important to understand you will need to style the hair EVERY DAY. I always advise my short haired clients to wear their hair curly, just to ensure the hair blends as well as possible, so you should be prepared to spend quite a bit of time styling the hair.

Short hair often requires a thick set of hair extensions, to make up for the fact the hair is so short underneath. So, if your hair is above your shoulders you should expect to pay more for your fitting as extra hair will be needed.

There is no reason why the hair won't blend well with your natural hair, providing it has been cut well and you style it as best you can.

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